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We turn business into water crisis solutions.

If you want to increase philanthropy and save money- working with us is a good start.


Research is pivotal to ensure every dollar coming into Blue is being maximized for solving the global water crisis.


We develop tools that help you make informed decisions and stay safe. Look at our projects here.


We work with companies to to build our “Blue Brands” products found here.


Business meets philanthropy

The global water crisis is a huge problem and getting bigger. According to the World Water Council, “1.1 billion people live without access to clean drinking water.”This is a problem, and we can fix it, but that is only the surface. Roughly 70% of the world is covered by water, and of that only 2.5% of that water is fresh water – this is another problem, a conservation problem. We are approaching a Malthusian Trap, we are consuming more water based resources than we can produce, and if we try to produce more freshwater we are displacing the oceans’ ecosystems which could have a catastrophic affect for everyone. That is why Blue.org was built – To help provide support bring water and sanitation to those without, and to solve the impending water scarcity crisis.

We know our stuff


We help companies and NGOs maximize their dollars to make the biggest splash. We can often lower costs for a corporation while increasing their philanthropic arm, and we help NGOs strategize on mobilization and implementation of projects on the ground in the developing world.


We are a resource for innovation in the WASH sector by providing support for; tools, software, programs, and projects. The goal of Blue.org is to move towards a fully sustainable world where no one lacks for clean drinking water.

Digital Marketing

We work with NGOs, small and medium sized businesses, to large enterprises to develop philanthropic campaigns to help end the water crisis via; cross-brand promotion, and developing a philanthropic plan to help companies reach their goals in the most cost effective and empowering way possible.

Meet the team

Mayo Welch
Mayo Welch
Co-Founder, Culture Director

Lilia Turcios
Lilia Turcios
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Jennifer Ukwa
Jennifer Ukwa
Co-Founder Director of Business Strategy


We blend business with philanthropy

If you want to maximize your philanthropic reach, working with us is a good start.

We work with companies in a variety of ways to increase their philanthropic reach; co-branding products, review and analysis of philanthropic spending, developing action plans to create a philanthropic arm within a company, etc.

We work with NGOs helping to organize their teams for deployment and ensuring they remain in budget having all of the tools needed to make a lasting impact.

Our Services

Philanthropic Planning

Helping your company help others.


Co-Branding, providing a social good with your products.


Social good should be shared, and we can make that happen!


Innovative mobile solutions for water quality monitoring and reporting.

Deployment Strategies

Helping NGOs providing logistical and economic reports.


Promote, Support, Empower

The work we do helps thousands. Working with us is a maximizer for good!



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